A balanced life whilst at SVEC leads to a balanced life after SVEC, so we encourage our students to create clubs. For example we have:


Act of Kindness Club – Our Pioneer graduates are recognized as trailblazers just as our Founders and Donors are. It is this kindness itself, a way of ‘paying it forward’ which was a special activity to start the 2014 school year that inspired this club, created by students as a way to give back and inspire others to do the same. We reach out to students and community members in need with strength, counseling, resources and most importantly with our talents and skills. This club brings our motto to life in a way that celebrates the most important spirit our Principal and Board ignites in all of us at SVEC.

Dance and Drum Club

The IT Club was started to help the students share knowledge and skills about the technology that shapes our world. It provides an opportunity for peers to learn from each other.

Media Club gathers information and communicates it to the SVEC community.

Patriotism Club

Red Cross Club gives a helping hand in the cleaning of the dining area. The members support outreach projects in the larger community such as cleaning of the hospital.

Scripture Union is a non-denominational club formed to strengthen  core values of youth, led by youth with special support from our Lyantonde community of faith.

SVEC Sisterhood – Our vibrant young women support one another in the true spirit of sisters. This club, with the Principal as its Founder and source of inspiration provides a safe haven for meaningful discussion, celebration and character building. We share our stories, strengthen our faith in one another, our communities and the world beyond our gate.

Zambogo Baganda Club is for Baganda students and well-wishers. Students in this club share song and dance with our community at special events and at times of celebration.